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Fundacion Octaedro is a not-for-profit organization working since 1995 to promote and develop the arts, sciences and visual communication. We are based in Quito, Ecuador but work with people and organizations from around the world. Our projects are conceived from a social and cultural perspective, with an emphasis on the needs of the country.

We help to empower proactive citizens through cultural, artistic and scientific activities. We aim for justice, solidarity and creativity in all our actions.

We are committed to the following objectives:

1) To become a leading educational and cultural institution that proposes new answers to the problems facing our cities, communities and country.
2) To have a positive influence in public policymaking related to the arts, sciences and visual communications in Ecuador.
3) To help promote open dialogue and expression in urban and rural zones.
4) To help build more creative, equitable and sustainable communities.

Among our most important programs are:

1) The Social Development School, which offers continuing education in social project development and international funding strategies.

2) Our FUN FILM FUND, initially supported by the Inter-American Development Bank, has benefited over 5,000 students and teachers from underprivileged rural and urban schools. Participatory dialogue is the underlying objective of introducing world cinema and filmmaking in the classroom and beyond.

3) The "People's Awards International Short Film Festival" since 2001, with 335 contestants in its five editions.

4) Master Classes in Film which have opened a space for academic dialogue with leading figures from the filmmaking industry such as Augusto Cabada, Sergio Cabrera, Eliseo Subiela and Marcelo Piñeyro.

5) Our Teaching Training Program which has benefited teachers and students from underprivileged backgrounds.

6) Film Forum: 7 years of daily projections and a weekly cine forum, which benefited 20,000 viewers.

Fundación Octaedro has expertise in the folowing areas:
1. Social projects management (project design, baseline construction, among others)
2. Communication (strategic communication, alternative communication, social campaigns, among others)
3. Education (institutional diagnostic, reform, training, among others)

Some of the organizations we have worked with are:
- Inter-American Development Bank
- Wageningen University
- Cooperativa Jardín Azuayo
- Otherwise (Holland)
- Universidad Técnica de Machala
- Fuerza Aérea Ecuatoriana
- Teatro Nacional Sucre

Octaedro has conveniently located (View MAP), wheelchair accessible premises, with multi-functional facilities for 50 people; cafeteria service; a video projection, lighting and sound amplifying system; and a photography studio and dark room. Write to ask for our rental prices here: info@octaedro.org

Fundación Octaedro © 2013 | El Zurriago E8-28 y Av. de los Shyris | Quito, Ecuador
E-mail: info@octaedro.org | T: (+593-2) 246-9170 | F: (+593-2) 246-4261